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Are the Best Internet Providers Using Satellite?

Advancements in Internet Technology are happening in a constant and rapid pace.This is all the more evident in the increasing connection speeds whose limits were a mere 56kbps only a decade ago. The best satellite internet providers like DISH and Exede know that it is only through constantly updating their hardware thatthey can give to their consumers the quality of service that reflects the price. One of the most common questions is “are they using satellite technologies for their services?” The answer is yes.

How Satellite Internet Works

How Satellite Internet functions is the same in principle with broadband but the technology is far more advanced. In place of relying on signal towers placed across the surface we have orbiting satellites in a geosynchronous formationat 22,300 miles above the equator.

satellite internetBy rotating with the planet, these satellites can give people directly below and around it clear and stable access to the Internet. Due to the precise distance needed between the satellite and the surface of the planet, it is a must that your area must have a clear view of the southern sky to make full use of the system.

In order to make full use of this system, the Internet service providers will have to install the “receiving end” system at your home. These will include devices like a satellite dish, a modem and, obviously, a device with Internet Connectivity like a personal computer.

Once installed, your modem will send out a request to the satellite dish relay system at the provider’s base of operationswhich then sends info about the website you are trying to access to the orbiting satellite. Once received, the satellite will then send out a signal to your home dish, then to your modem and back to your computer. Despite requiring multiple platforms and traveling at least thousands of miles from the surface to space, the process relatively takes seconds to complete.

System Features

The satellite Internet system has been considered a massive leap forward in Internet technology.In fact, the best Internet Providers have recorded a massive boost of user experience with the system. One of the system’s main features is a considerable improvement in Internet Speed. Compared to the now-outdated dial-up modem with a 56kbps speed, SatelliteInternet is nearly300x faster at 15Mbps download speedand a 2mMbps upload speed.This is already comparable to premium broadband connections for DSL and cable.This website does a great job of showing the differences of each provider.

Another key feature is a hugely improved download capacity. Internet service providers like HughesNet offer packages that allow at least 40GB worth of downloaded data for users for every month. This is already a considerable size since files like 5 to 6-minute videos and music do not even reach 1GB.

However, there is a fair use policy in each provider so as to prevent one user in a system from taking up much of the bandwidth with their downloads and slowing the connection considerably for other users.Despite that, some providers are employing a free bandwidth consumption period wherein one can download as much as they want with the internet connection barely suffering a slight decrease in performance.

Is it Better?

Without at doubt, Satellite Internet is a superior option when compared to older forms of connections like DSL, fiber-optics and cable. However, Internet Satellite is considerably more expensive than its older counterparts which can discourage a lot of consumers.

The reason for this is that the system is still at its infancy, with advancements and improvements still to be made in it. In addition, research and development is required and will make up a considerable portion of the costs for the system.Once these obstacles have been dealt with effectively, and the system properly optimized, it is expected that the service costs would decrease gradually.

Who is the Best Satellite Internet Service Provider?

As of now, there are two major companies that excel in employing the use of satellite Internet for the clients: Exede and HughesNet. Exede is slightly different from that of HughesNet as it features an unlimited Internet period from 12am to 5am along with a better speed for downloads and uploads.

As for the other providers like DISH and WildBlue, they are utilizing the systems of HughesNet and Exede respectively albeit with packages and complementary services of their own. With the potential for unlimited Internet experience and unrestricted bandwidth for a considerable period of the day, most would consider Exede as one of the best Internet Providers when it comes to Satellite Internet.

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